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Every wedding starts with an invitation. My idea was to bring life to the age-old wedding invite and bring it into the 21st century; a simple message with a QR code that would lead you to the video below.


What's the best part of being a graphic designer? That's a great question. Thanks for asking. The best part is being able to do whatever graphic design job myself. Every little girl dreams of their wedding when they grow up. And in the same way, every graphic designer dreams of creating the signage for their wedding. "Really?" you may ask. No, not really. But, it was pretty fun. Check it out.




December 29, 2021

Capturing the West Coast feel of the venue was one of the main points of focus when creating this video. It was a perfect overcast day with just the right amount of low-flying clouds and the softest spits of rain. Later on, the sky opened up and the sun shone through, perfectly lighting
the hotel. 

As for the music, I wish I could say this was our special song and that it means so much to us but not really. We don't have a song. So this old tune did the trick quite nicely. Just enough space between the beats to have some fun with the cuts and just enough ruh-tata to get a hop in your step. The song is "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" by Frankie Valli.  

Welcome! The Big Day has arrived. As guests wander around, figuring out if they're in the right part of the middle of nowhere, hopefully, this sign
put them at ease.

Find your seat. It's time to eat!

All of the signage and branding for the wedding used two typefaces to feel cohesive. The crazy, fun, calligraphy typeface is called "Hello Santtiny" and the secondary typeface is called "Craw Modern."

These days everyone's a photographer. But instead of your typical iPhone photos, throw it back to a device that is less dependable and 100x the price to actually get ahold of the photos. All worth it for the vibes.


In all honesty, the disposable photos turned out amazing and gave us such a laugh when we got to see the finished, developed product. Check 'em out below

After the wedding, all of those photos went in a photo album which also contained little notes from the guests. One day we'll show our future kids and they'll be so impressed by how immaculate the vibes truly were.

That's about everything. I also made little table number cards but they weren't impressive enough for anyone to take a photo of.

Photography by Brianna Page

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